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This is the 2nd step in the face care system.  This toner and moisturizer spray is made for those with dry sensitive skin.  All skin needs a toner after washing but most are filled with harsh drying alcohols.  Our mist is just as the name says, toner and moisturizer.  It is 100% alcohol free AND has moisturizers included.  This mist is made with a blend of floral water, botanical extracts and humectants.  Toners are great for a bit of extra cleansing.  Simply spray toner onto a cotton pad and swipe over face in a upward motion.  This is good for mid day cleaning after workout, working in the garden and ect.  For a nice cooling effect or refreshing pick up, store in the frig and spray onto face during hot summer days.

We used a blend of floral waters including lavender, rose and orange blossom.  Rosewater has a long history of being great for dry and mature skin.  Rosewater is sensual and soothing.  Lavender water is relaxing and helps balance oil production.  Orange blossom water is fresh and uplifting.


  • Rosewater- great for dry and mature skin
  • Lavender water- relaxing and helps balance oil
  • Orange Blossom-refreshing and uplifting
  • Hibiscus-strong anti-oxidant, full of vitamin C
  • Calendula – helps calm, soothe and moisturize skin
  • Ginger root – strong antioxidant that helps protect the skins protein and collagen
  • Chamomile – calming and soothing and will not irritate skin
  • Helichrysum – high in antioxidants that help protect the skin against environmental oxidants
  • Silk Amino acid – high in soluble amino acids glycine, alanine, and serine and is hygroscopic and help draw moisture to the skin
  • Hydrolyzed oats – a film former that dries into a soft velvety cushion and helps retain moisture in the skin
  • Witch hazel distillate – calming and mildly styptic properties with a cool soothing sensation
  • Saccharide Isomerate – rejuvenates mature skin and increases smoothness via collagen density, decreases appearance of fine lines
  • Sodium PCA – hygroscopic that is found in the skin and helps draw moisture while imparting a moist feeling.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – can hod up to 1000x its weight in water its a fantastic
  • Aloe – contains vitamin B complex, folic acid, vitamin C and carotene as well as humectant that provides a cooling soothing sensation on the skin


Ingredients: Water, Rose water, lavender water, Orange Blossom water, Hydrolyzed oats, Witch Hazel Distillate (alcohol free), Saccharide Isomerate, Sodium PCA, Hibiscus extract, Ginger root extract, Calendula extract, Chamomile extract, Helichrysum extract, Silk amino acids, Sodium hyaluronate, Rosehip extract, Propylene Glycol (and) Diazolidinyl urea (and) Iodopropynl Butylcarbmate, Aloe

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