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It is our Birthday! Smitten is 2 years old!

Hello to all my amazing and loyal Smitten fans!  Its our Birthday, we are now 2 years old!  Two years, can you believe that??  The time has flown by and we are so very thankful to still be doing what we love, and that is all thanks to you, our amazing loving and loyal supporters!  So as a big thank you we are celebrating all month long!  We have marked down every single item on our website, yes, that is correct every single item!  Everything is on sale the entire month of April or until our inventory is gone!  Once it is gone we will reveal our new look…….  Also, before ordering if you place a product review on our website we will include a free lip butter for each review up to 3.  We need help spreading the word about how awesome our products are and we would love to be able to reward you for helping us out.  So, shop on and stock up while there are great savings….

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Show Your Skin Some Love!

Our skin is the biggest organ we have and is our first defense against the world around us. For it to work at its best it needs some love and care. I formulate my products with your skin in mind to provide it with the most nourishing vitamins and mineral. Your skin deserves good quality ingredients and products that benefit your health and that are free of harmful chemicals that damage or strip your skin of its natural oils and protection.

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