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No shave November is HERE!

For the month of November our Beard oils, Beard Butters and Mustache Wax are all on sale for $12!

It is that time of the year again!  November is a month for Men’s Health Awareness, to get attention for it they created the no shave campaign.  This is the month men throughout the country let the hair grow.  Sometimes to the displeasure of their significant others or the struggle with the discomfort of the beginning stages of new beard growth.  Well, there is no need to have a unhappy woman or for you to be uncomfortable.  Let me introduce you to our amazing beard oils and beard butters!  Formulated with a luxury blend of oils that are light yet highly nourishing we will keep the itch at bay and keep your skin and new beard soft.  If you want her to be Smitten with your new look then you need Smitten Beard oils.  Awaken your Morningwood, bring out your Sexy Beast, Keep it pure with Butt Naked, enjoy the freedom with Hipster or be smoking hot with Stud Muffin.


Show Your Skin Some Love!

Our skin is the biggest organ we have and is our first defense against the world around us. For it to work at its best it needs some love and care. I formulate my products with your skin in mind to provide it with the most nourishing vitamins and mineral. Your skin deserves good quality ingredients and products that benefit your health and that are free of harmful chemicals that damage or strip your skin of its natural oils and protection.

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