Care of Handmade Soap

Do not allow your soap to sit in water or in direct water spray. Your soap will benefit from staying dry in between uses by allowing water to drain away.

If you do not use your soap immediately do not store it in an airtight bag such as a zip lock. It will last longer if air is allowed to circulate; this will help prevent the excess oils in the soap oxidizing and going rancid and will make your storing space smell great!


While we try our best to make each batch the same please keep in mind our products are handmade and therefore the color and pattern will vary from batch to batch.

Smitten Soapery soaps and bath and body products are not intended to or claim to treat any medical conditions. Please seek attention of a medical doctor for any issues.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you may want to check the safety before using any products that contain essential oils.

We always recommend doing a small patch test with any new product. Simply apply a small amount in the crook of your arm or your inner wrist. Wait 24 hours to see if any reaction appears. If any reaction appears please discontinue use.